With Greener Grass, you can have the perfect lawn with no effort! Our installation team is available to fit your artificial grass for you:

  • Full lawn replacements
  • Covering concrete / patio areas
  • Covering tired / slippy decking
  • Play areas
  • Any job size quoted!

To get a quote for a complete, end-to-end professional installation of your artificial grass, just get in touch, either by phone on

0845 557 7070 or 01623 333 005

or by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will then take your information and pass it on to the installation team who'll be in touch with a quote.

Please provide the following information with your enquiry to allow us to make the quote as accurate as possible:

  • The dimensions and shape(s) of the area to be covered
  • The type of installation (full lawn replacement, covering hard area, etc)
  • Photo(s) of the existing area
  • Your name, contact details and postcode
  • For complicated shapes, a sketch plan of the area would be very useful